Memorial Day.....

Typically, Memorial Day is set aside to be mindful, thankful and prayerful for the men and women who have and are laying down their life for this country we live in.

I was on a retreat this weekend unlike any other I've experienced. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought this was specifically a recovery retreat~but then, in my opinion, that's what God is all about anyway. He's been restoring and drawing His creation back into a healthy, whole and loving relationship since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. The retreat went from Friday evening until Sunday evening and it was quite intimate. The theme was God's Unfailing Love.

Arriving home late Sunday night I should have gone directly to bed. But my thoughts wouldn't stop playing out the scenes I witnessed all weekend. Amazing healing, discovery, and peace were given to different people for different wounds. I went to bed in a thankful frame of mind, body and soul.

Monday morning came with a quiet and peaceful start. I had time for a devotional and to enjoy a cup of coffee in the still of the morning as the birds sang songs outside my window ~ it was the type of morning that commercials are made of. :) Son #1 and family were coming over and it would be the first time in months we gathered at my home and the first time in several years we would all be together free from the creep (addiction)!

My grandgirls arrived and I delighted in the day from beginning to end. It was such a peaceful and lighthearted get-together I didn't want it to end. Mini-chick shadowed Cliff constantly watching his every move and questioning his every action. If Cliff was outside she wanted me to take her out. When he went back inside, we went back inside. While cooking on the grill, Mini was at the doorwall observing and making small chit-chat with Cliff. Later on, Cliff was on the floor getting acquainted with Bambina II. Son #1 and Lovely Espousa are a joy to watch as they parent these happy little girls in my life. I love it!

This memorial day was a day of reflection for so many with military connections. Not disregarding that fact, it was a day of reflection for me with my family too. Our visit was real, and pleasant, and openly enjoyed by all and it was the first time we've all been together without the shadow of addiction twisting the day into something unhealthy or destructive. We savored the day ~ all of us! As the evening marched on we watched Family Guy's episode of Star Wars, which is quite funny if you haven't seen it. Mini-chick was scarfing homemade brownies (okay, not really scarfing but definitely enjoying them!) and Lovely Espousa was cuddling Bambina II when someone asked the time. It was 9:15 and we were all surprised at how late the day had become. I loved it!

Memorial Day.

Remembering with gratefulness battles militarily and spiritually that have been won at great cost.


*All pictures are mine!*