A Golden Life

If there's one thing I have to say about life now, is that it's golden. Not everything is perfect and, in fact, some things are still difficult but it's so much greater than before.

Before what?

Before recovery meetings for me. This week was exceptional at my table. There were woman of various situations and we had two 16 year old girls that returned from the week before who said they can't wait for Tuesday! Meeting them the week before was impressive as they quietly and maturely shared a little bit in the midst of women who could be their moms.

Sitting next to me on Tuesday was a shadow of my former self. This mom is in great pains and often reflects a lot of anger in her demeanor without saying a word. Another picture of my former self shared about her son being picked up for a violation of which they just bonded him out on the week before. This past pick up, she left him alone. It was excruciatingly difficult to wait and listen for her to choose her words as she hung her head in hurt, shame and despair, while feeling a little bit better for not rescuing her adult son. It was a HUGE first step in her recovery but those steps don't initally feel so good. Learning to remove emotions from our response is a hard life lesson.

I could only share to this mixed group of beautiful women to work the steps, get an accountability partner or sponsor and work the steps again. Through that work they will hopefully have a spiritual awakening and find that they will receive great mercy, grace and strength to be a healthy woman in recovery. They can have a golden life too if they find the freedom that the 12 steps will bring.

All the hard work is worth
the reward of internal peace and joy.