The Early Bird

Why is it that the days I don't have to be up and out the door at a reeling pace, I awaken at 3:00 am? Since our hours have been reduced at work, we work 9 hour days 4 days a week. I have come to like this schedule because it offers all of us one day off per week and once a month that's a long weekend. Wooo hooo! This one's mine and here I sit.

Actually I have a wonderful morning planned. Son #1 and Lovely Espousa are awaiting Beautiful Bambina II and wouldn't it be grand if she made her entrance this weekend?!? Lovely Espousa is going to the docs this morning to gage Bambina's development and consider inducing next week, so I will keep company with Mini-chick this morning. Yay! I can't imagine a better way to start my day.

I had great ambitions this year to be more timely and consistent with my writing but life has other plans for me. The past six weeks have been crazy, I tell ya! I've been busier than I like to be but it's all been necessary for this season in my life. So with my anticipated long weekend, I will keep a few commitments I made, some for fun and some for growth. I will feast with Mini-chick on pancakes and eggs and walk while the morning birds sing for joy that spring is sort of springing. We will dance and laugh and pretend shop of which she's an expert. I will snooze at will and sing at large. I will read for pleasure and read for learning.

Now, I will brew a great pot of coffee in my percolator and bring in the day with meditation and prayer and ask God to take me into this day with joy no matter what comes my way. I may even be asking Him to let Mini-chick nap, so I can too. :)

Have a fantastic Friday!