Overwhelmingly Grateful

Overwhelmingly grateful.

Ten years ago I didn't think that life would be what it is today. I was making changes left and right trying to find my place in this world. My sons were just barely adults but trying to find their way too, and that path included the world of alcohol and addiction.

The years moved along sometimes up, sometimes down, but never free from concern and worry on my part.

Fast forward to 2009....

Son #1 and Lovely Espousa are living lives like so many others their age who are working hard and loving their families. They are raising Mini-Chick with bundles of love, laughter and some definite rules. I love that she already has manners in her normal routine not to mention it's pretty darn cute to hear this little person say "your welcome" and "oh, sorry" when it's appropriate.

Today, Son #1 and Lovely Espousa welcomed Beautiful Bambina to their crew. Lillia Grace weighed in at a noticeable 8lbs, 9 ozs and 21-1/2" long. Lovely, lovely baby. Lovely, lovely, family.

Cliff is also doing well and day by day states out loud how much he loves this life and has no plan, desire or thoughts of turning back. He is finding his place too in this world as a viable, productive part of society. No longer taking away but contributing. He has friends, true friends, for the first time in his life. No hidden agendas and no shady behaviors.

Remaining in the palm of God's hand, I'm overwhelmingly grateful.