Snow Day

Snow Day! Doesn't this face say it all??

Remember how great it was to wake up and find out you didn't have school? You pulled on every warm clothing item you owned and met your friends outside for the day! Mom's hot chocolate always tasted best on those days. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

In Michigan we are in the midst of a beautiful snowstorm that began about 5:00 am this morning and is going like gangbusters! It's scheduled until mid afternoon, if the weather follows schedules. :)

I have been listening to the news very closely for weather and traffic trying to determine if I should venture to work. I opted out. My little car has been screaming at me for a while with "issues" and since I drive 28 miles to work each way, I've decided to stay home. No pay, but no spinouts either.

Sunday we're expecting more of the same and snow on Christmas Eve too!


Have a great Friday, everyone!

*All Pics Googled*