I Surrender This.....

Like a bolt out of the blue, the phone rings with news we'd rather not get. A newer member at our home group called to say that her son, who's overseas at college, has been using and became addicted to heroin. Quickly, plans have been made to get him home as he's asked to go into rehab. Pretty Mom was rather composed, oh woman of faith that she is. She and her husband have a "solid as a rock" relationship and fortunately have always been totally there for each other. Praying together through the years your married does things like this.

Suddenly, their Christmas celebration will have a different light on it. But it's the light that shines brightly. It's the time of year when we celebrate Jesus sent as a baby for one such as this. For all of us he was sent, but somehow His purpose sometimes seems presented as if it's for those of us who are just little sinners. You know, a little lie here or a bad attitude there and that the "real sinners" should rot in hell. Why should they be forgiven for anything? Others view it as God came for the Big Sinners but us minor players can take care of ourselves. He's to busy for us and afterall, my little sins aren't any big deal, are they? But God's word says He came for all of us and that He himself shows no partiality for one over the other. Sin is sin in the eyes of God and He will not accept any of it.

Because He's God and I'm not, determines that He will forgive and accept to Himself addicts and all their coniving and manipulating ways along with mothers of addicts who can be controlling or manipulative too. He forgives those who think hateful or sinful things but don't act on them. Our secret sins He knows but will forgive. Thoughts of adultery, lusting, hatred, jealousy can all be forgiven. Because He's God and I'm not, He will forgive murderers and rapists and white collar thieves. He will also forgive us when we keep extra change given by accident or the daily swindling that goes on between buyers and sellers and the swindling isn't always done by the sellers! He will forgive school children who are bullies, and teachers who use children for their sexually depraved thinking or addictions. Because He's God and I'm not He knows best the heart of a man who asks for forgiveness for all his sins whatever they may be. And forgives me when I don't understand how He can forgive a murderer or child-molester.

And because He knows the heart of man, he knows who is truly seeking forgiveness and who's giving lip service. But that's not up to me either.

Andrew will return home and enter rehab and his parents will have a great Christmas gift in the simple fact that they know Andrew is alive and being cared for medically instead of detoxing alone in a room about 5000 miles away, or lying in a street, under an overpass or in a homeless shelter guarding his shoes with his life.

The Light of Life is holding out His hand to Andrew and anyone else that is willing to accept that we are powerless over our lives and that their is a Power greater than ourselves who can restore us to sanity and a relationship with Him that beats all the rest. We can wake up each day and thank God for a new day to live healthy and free from alcohol, drugs, or any other ball and chain that wants to rob us from the life He intended for us to live. We can trust Him for just one day, this present day, because He will take care of tomorrow when it gets here. We can lay our heads down on our pillow at night thanking God again for walking with us through the day we just had, joyous and free or lousy and encumbering.

A free gift for anyone who will accept.
*All Pics Googled*