A Birthday Tale

Twas the night before Tuesday
In November that year
Everyone was sleeping
As the dawn drew so near

Dad in his boxers
And Mom in her gown
The sibs tucked in tightly
When Mom woke with a frown

Get up! Oh, Get up!
She quietly said
Get up and get going
Get out of this bed!

It’s time for the birth!
They were pacing the floor,
We really must hurry!
It’s well after 4:00

Into the Hudson
they fled, oh so fast!
It’s coming, It’s coming!
Mom said with a blast

Wait! You must wait!
Dad said with his might
We’ve so far to go in the midst
Of this night!

I can’t! Oh, I can’t!
Mom cried with such flair
Pull over now, There's
Not a minute to spare!

A minute or two
and a faint sound was uttered
The baby was here!
Choice words, they were muttered!

Glancing around this
November dark night
They noticed a blinking
A bright shining light!

Their eyes focused sharply
On something mid-air
And knew in a minute the
Airport was there!

Oh Yes! On that night
I was born in the car
Across from City Airport
In front of “Happy Landings Bar”

This small tale of mine
Tells the night of my birth
It’s funny and true
How I came to this earth!

Happy Birthday To Me! ;)

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