On My Knees

She was sitting almost directly across from me. As we began our meeting, many attenders passed when the option to share came to them. This mom looked a little weary, pale and sad. It seems her addict has relapsed again. I don't know any more about this mom than that. I don't know the drug of choice, the recovery length, or even the gender of her addict. All I know is the mom spoke of her own relapse in the process of this life cycle. She found herself repeatedly trying to reach her addict by phone just as she'd done so many times before. Every sentence, every mannerism and every facial expression was as if I was watching my un-recovered self in the mirror. It certainly had me on my toes, so to speak, to be wary and aware of my own recovery should Cliff relapse again. He will be released in under two weeks and the elephant is trying to move in, trunk and all. I refuse to let it take up residence in this house ever again. I don't want to see myself in that frame of mind ever again.

On my knees in prayer and on my toes aware.

All Pics Googled