Random Living


This is my brain at random.  ---------------------->

Webster's Dictionary defines the word random as a haphazard course; without aim, direction, rule,or method

Today at church I also heard random described as one foot on the dock and one foot on the deck of an un-tethered boat.  You get the picture. Knowing that at any minute one way or the other somethings gonna give. 

I lived a lot of years at random.  I didn't really see that I was living that way but that's exactly how most of my decisions were made, most directions taken and most results were obtained. I honestly believe that I was born with co-dependent tendencies right from the start. Reflecting over the earlier years in my life gives me a resounding yes!  I'm so grateful today that I know and can say that my life has purpose, my steps have direction and my results are more of completion than left unfinished and abandoned.  I'm not stating that my life is struggle free, but I am saying that those struggles do NOT control me or the kind of life I'm choosing to live. 

It's so freeing to be able to go to bed at night and sleep, and to be able to leave the things I cannot change in the hands of Him who made me.  It truly wasn't always this way.  Changes take time and effort on our part. Our Higher Power will enable (is this a good word or a bad word?) us to make the change if we ask. He will not do it for us. He will not charge ahead and make the changes preventing us from working it out with effort and grace.  

Yesterday in one of my Al-Anon resource books I read, and I quote in part:  "The slogan Let Go and Let God may suggest to some people that all we have to do is side-step the challenges that confront us and somehow, by a kind of spiritual magic, God will do all the work.  There was a purpose in His giving His children free will, intelligence and good sense; we can fulfill ourselves only by using these gifts in dealing with the daily problems that arise.   Surrender to God's will does not give us a passport to inertia.  Each of us must try to carry out God's will, which He transmits to us in ways we recognize only after we have made ourselves willing and aware."

So, not only can I have order in my life by living one day at a time (after all, we have no promise of tomorrow), but I can also change my circumstances, only mine, by putting feet to God's plans for me.  When I choose the shoes I wear, I choose them according to what I'm going to be doing and how they will best assist me in the process and then I make them work! 

May you find your way today to a purposeful life with peace in the process. 

Al-anon resources "One day at a time in Al-Anon" used.