What The Deuce?

If you haven't heard of K2, get ready for a new controversy that needs to be addressed. K2 is on the streets and in some states has been deemed illegal. Other states are undecided. K2 has been touted among many as a safe choice for those who'd like a little sumpin, sumpin. Some call it incense and some call it synthetic marijuana. Either way, it's creating a lot of questions and decisions that are either necessary or outrageous and you'd be wise to educate yourselves.

I've seen some young people after smoking this "harmless, legal, all-natural, herbal, synthetic stuff" and it immediately threw me back into a heightened feeling of discomfort. Their eyes were affected, though they would tell you not. Beautiful girl's buzzed, slow, mellow appearance told her story before she spoke. Her fellow friend was no better and they were getting ready to drive away. I'm not sure if the adult in this home hid the car keys or, if in their stupor the keys were misplaced, but I was thankful.

Last week at our table, a mother was on the verge of tears and it was almost painful to watch her discomfort as she listened to others share. Finally, in a meek and struggling voice, she shared about her day which included her son being locked up in county jail for at least one year.  K's son is one month away from 18. A year ago he was placed in a drug program with classes and monitoring due to a conviction with pot. K acknowledged that Junior was irresponsible in many ways. Her complaint, however, is that when asked about smoking or using anything at all,  a week prior to lockup, he shared about smoking K2. In Michigan, K2 is not listed as illegal. In fact, as far as I know, there isn't a urine test in place or developed for this stuff. Junior thought his next appointment with his caseworker was on a Tuesday, for which he asked his sister to drive him.  On Monday his caseworker called him 15 minutes after the scheduled meeting time and told him he missed his appointment and to show up the next morning in court. He gasped that he thought his appointment was the next day and even arranged a ride so he wouldn't miss it. Too bad, so sad, meet me at court in the morning.

In court he was told that he didn't take this program seriously enough and since he was still "using" by smoking K2, he was locked up immediately. Mom, Junior and Sister sobbed as they thought "What the deuce?" or probably something even more colorful.

I could comment on the courts perspective because I understand what they're saying and being closely related to several in recovery, I get it. I've read the effects and in fact, some have died after K2 usage.  What burns me up is, "Michigan, make the call, already!" Stop using this latest mind altering product as a trump card and saying "gotcha" to unsuspecting people. It's touted all over the community as totally legal. In our area, you can purchase K2, legally at some smoke shops, gas stations, and of course, from some little dealers running around with a lot of money in their pockets.

Personally, I can't stand that we will have another battle on our hands which will tie up our legislature for ages. It's a money maker for a financially bankrupt state that uses it's legal system to pay the bills. Litigation in Michigan is where it's at, baby.

To K and other parents like her, educate yourself and of course, encourage your offspring to be substance free of everything.

And, pray.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God be with them as they learn this latest lesson in total dependence upon God for these things we look for in material and people.

Thanks for sharing this Laura, it's a very scary thing that the seeking to alter the mind will never stop, nor will the idea that someone can profit if they can just continue to find new stuff to sell.

Kristi (Jake's Mom) said...

I'm new to your blog...just found it! This is the first post I've come across where the subject is K2. My son is coming up on 7 months sort of clean...I say it that way because of K2! He occassionally smokes it yet does not equate that to using because it's legal. The addict mind just doesn't get it. Thanks, good post!
Kristi (Jake's Mom)

Laura said...

Hi Kristi,

Thanks for finding your way to my blog and taking the time to read it. This K2..is just getting started and we are going to lose some kids or they will pay the price because the states won't make up their minds. It's enough to make the parents/siblings of addicts give up...but we don't!

Thanks for your note!

Syd said...

I don't think usage of substances will stop because we humans seem to want to escape from reality and not deal with the world and life. And for many it is a disease and the brain chemistry is just different. But it still is very sad no matter what the substance.

Shelley said...

The silliest thing about this K2 is that it's a product of prohibition- in other words, it never would have existed if marijuana wasn't illegal. And now that people are getting high legally, the first thing the lawmakers want to do is- guess what? Make it illegal too. So they are prohibiting a product of prohibition, since that always works. It's just opening the door to worse substances IMO, because if people want to get high they will. Pot is much safer than this "herbal smoking blend" anyway.