God's Will

"There are no guarantees that life will turn out the way we would like, but the program has shown me God's will is the only way; it is up to me to work with Him and turn my life and will over to His care and guidance."

In All Our Affairs, Dec 15th "Courage to Change"

This is a constant lesson for me. Often, at the table I attend I say for myself, " I know that no matter what comes my way, I am no longer alone and I will not be destroyed. I may be hurt, but I trust God with the complete outcome." I often wish that the changes would come quicker or in a way that I think is best, but I'm learning that God's way is ALWAYS best if I wait on Him. He does not leave me hanging nor does He shrug me off. It's up to me how close I want to nestle in and let Him work in my life.

He gently leads and guides me into ways that are better than I've ever known before.

He ALWAYS loves me and knows what is best for me ~ on this I can stand.

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