Summer Synopsis

Can you believe these beautiful mini-chicks are from the same two parents? Lovely brown and purely pink! More beautiful flowers were never created. :)

This picture sums up my summer, really. A summer filled with love and family and activity and joy.

I took a two-month reprieve from some of my typical activities only to spend the time filling up on more knowledge regarding this life of recovery, boundary setting and good mental health. Changing it up allowed a lot more time for summer love with family in a way I've never been able to experience with my own offspring. What a wonderful gift it's been!

Yet in the midst of joy, my extended family said goodbye to another sibling of my Dad's, only to drive home, once again, the frailty of life. Fast and fleeting. Choose your battle, claim your victories. Don't waste a minute looking back.

My immediate family gathered from near and far for my Dad's impending octogenarian celebration. We surely caught him off guard and enjoyed a day that was simply pure love and fun. There were about 30 of us together and we were still missing some valuable treasures that were unable to travel home for this once in a lifetime event.

A few weeks later, Cliff celebrated his 29th birthday, starting at home with our little family enjoying a barbecue, followed by taking 3 guests and himself to a Detroit Tiger game. All of his guests were females! What a guy! What a way to celebrate his special day! Some had never been to a professional ball game before and they saw a great winning game!

Last weekend, Cliff and I went 2 hours north for a long weekend with some family friends and their son, who is also in recovery. The weather was perfect for March. :) Drizzly mornings and grey skies ensued, with temperatures in the 60's. But it didn't dampen a thing about our time together. We had a blast!! Playing board games late into the night, riding a pontoon with hoods, sweatshirts and blankets, and great food by a warm fire.

It was a very busy summer, yet nothing extremely out of the ordinary of what most families experience year after year. But for me and my own, it was a new year without the influence of.....anything!!

Oh, this really is the life that God intended!

I'll be back much sooner than later. :)