Reunited And It Feels So Good!

How strange life is. Eighteen months can seem like an eternity yet pass in the blink of an eye all at the same time. Choking back emotion all week long, I anticipated Friday with guarded hope because Cliff had contacted Lovely Espousa and Son #1 and asked if they could all get together that Friday evening.

Communication between my sons and daughter-in-law began cautiously in February and layer by layer hurt feelings and protected walls were carefully being removed, or at least becoming permeable. As the walls came down, the path was moving forward to a reconciliation of hearts.

So, Friday morning Lovely Espousa and I took the little chickies out shopping for the day but I think we spent more time getting them in and out of carseats and strollers than anything else! Four dollars and thirty two cents later we went back to their house, where I stayed home with the Mini's while the three adults I love most got together for their first encounter. It was between them and without me. The little girls ran this old girl ragged as I have been out of the game a long time! I wouldn't have changed one minute of Friday for anything!

Several hours later I heard the car pull up in the driveway and quickly Lovely Espousa was coming through the front door smiling, followed by Cliff with a grin, and Son #1 grinning more! My family was altogether again under one roof, smiling and interacting as if this was our normal Friday night! Cliff held Bambina II, while Mini-chick made small talk and big eyes at him. Lovely Espousa and I chatted a few minutes and agreed that the next time we try to do any sort of accomplished shopping, we'll leave the little chickies with Daddy. I am thrilled that Lovely Espousa said she had a great day and would like to do that again with me. I've missed my family as a unit and even though we all tried to make the best of it, this mother's heart was always longing for all her loved ones to be unified as a healthy family. Fortunately it was 18 months instead of 18 years and I look forward to years of improved growth and healing for all of us.

I just don't know how much more gratefulness my heart can handle but I'm willing to try it and thankful for this new joy that's larger than life!