The Beginning

We all begin at the beginning. Sometimes we watch others walk this walk and feel as if they’ve always walked as they do now. They appear so confident and knowledgeable; their life appears successful and in full control. As if a tear were never shed.

But the truth is we all began at the beginning. We needed help but didn't know what kind. With no knowledge of what we were about to encounter, some jumped in with both feet and took off running as if they were in a competition. You can almost see them leap tall buildings in a single bound. Others dipped one toe in to test the water and quickly pulled their foot back only to dip the toe back in again an inth of a degree deeper. They knew they had to go into this pool but simply didn’t want to. Still others walked all the way around the outside of the pool to get to the other side, only to say that it wasn’t so hard. Of course not. They never actually waded through the deepest, scariest depths of the water. They try to handle it all on their own and make others feel as if they are wimpy or soft because they weep and grieve and struggle through the process and ask for spiritual and physical help. They will expound greatly on what they think they know, but can’t say what they personally felt or experienced or saw in their own inner circle. Others will continue to walk around and through, and all the while loudly proclaiming that they don't need any guidelines or help because it's not their problem. But they will complain just as loudly about the hand they've been dealt.

Someday, they will all have to go back to the beginning whether they plan to or not. If they haven't worked the program they simply won't get the results. Hopefully, when they do go back to the beginning, they will have a spiritual experience as a result of the steps they’ve taken and the light will go on. Maybe then, one hand will go up to God and the other hand will go out and firmly grasp another hand reaching out for help and finally they will really live One Day At A Time.

*All Pics Googled*