1. a person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual.
2. a person who maintains a doubting attitude, as toward values, plans, statements, or the character of others.
3. a person who doubts the truth of a religion, esp. Christianity, or of important elements of it.
4. (initial capital letter) Philosophy.
a. a member of a philosophical school of ancient Greece, the earliest group of which consisted of Pyrrho and his followers, who maintained that real knowledge of things is impossible.
b. any later thinker who doubts or questions the possibility of real knowledge of any kind.–

According to Dictionary.com a skeptic is as described above.

We live in a world full of Skeptics. Each day that goes by I am asked about Cliff's recovery, rehabilitation and progress. After being asked, I see the eyebrows raise up a bit, the obligatory smiles, and the condescending nodding of the head as if to say, "you poor, dumb mother. You must be one gullible Gert."

The standard comment is "I HOPE it continues" in the tone of voice used as in "I told you so." Now, when I hear the word hope used in that sentence it is not the same hope that I have. The commentary's hope is one that says "you need to remove your blinders, Laura, as the other shoe is sure to drop." It's full of doubt and skepticism.

My hope is one of faith that says, for each day Cliff is clean I am grateful and live in God's hope that He is moving Cliff from the world of dark to light. The hope of faith is the one that says if Cliff takes three steps forward and two steps back, we're still one step ahead of where we were one year ago.

And for that, I'm one grateful Gert.

*All Pics Googled*