Jobs, anyone?

Let's see.

I think this is the third or fourth Monday out of the last six that we've started the week off with snow. Normally, the snow doesn't bother me much but this year we're starting winter so much earlier than we have in the past that I'm a wee bit worried what January through April will be like. When I was growing up winter was more like this; but we've been seduced into a slumber over the past 20 years thinking we now have the right to expect snow to hold off or rarely appear. Personally, I like the snow and winter weather. I just don't want anyone else on the road when I leave for work tomorrow. I wonder if that can be arranged. :)

Yesterday, Cliff made a committment to someone at church to help out with a ministry project this morning. He said he was going to be there at 9:00 am. The time came for him to get up and I heard his alarm ringing around 7:45. Then silence. As I began to prepare for my day, I called to him to see if he was up. He answered yes, and that he was going to church. Finally, when I was ready I left without word or worry. I did my thing at church and then went to Son #One's for a short visit with Mini-chick and her parents. The weather began to change again so I decided I should head for home. Later, Cliff told me he decided that he needed to make a change in his sleeping arrangement because he was falling back into an old habit so he moved his bedding to the upstairs bedroom and away from the tomb like atmosphere in the basement where you never see the light of day. He also said he realized that he didn't keep his word today and plans to call Mentor and make an apology for his foul.

Now Cliff is upstairs showering and grooming for his annual "first" day hunting for a job. He really doesn't have appropriate winter clothing, but he has to start somewhere and he's preparing himself for tomorrow. Only this annual day is different. He's in control and handling his business without a discussion with me (interpreted to lecture/input/opinion); without me prodding and nagging and without Cliff complaining about the weather and stating he'll wait until Tuesday when the weather's better.

Nothing like that is going on tonight. I like this. I like that he's moving forward positively instead of just yakking about what "he's gonna do." He's just doing.

Ahhh...healthy detachment has it's rewards which encourages me to continue practicing all I've learned in recovery this past year about my part in our relationship and his part in maturing and coming to the line on his own. One lovely day at a time.

*All Pics Googled*