Hope In the Storms of Life

"When you say a situation or a person is hopeless,
you're slamming the door in the face of God."
~Charles L. Allen~

Hope is the word on which I hang all my desires, dreams and plans. I know I've shared my thoughts before on people calling people hopeless. It sends me, and not in a pleasant way; it puts my blood pressure to the test. Today Pastor Chris spoke about people who live without hope. He talked about the storms of life, which we all have. Some live there by choice or are pulled in because of the people they love, while others, for some unknown reason, seem to be in the midst of storms all their lives. Pastor Chris said that "no one gets to select or schedule their storms in life."

So what do we do in the midst of the storms?
  • We pull in our life boats and keep them secure until we really need them.
  • We toss over the unneccessary cargo. In other words, Let go and Let God.
  • We lower our anchor, meaning we dig deep into our faith and hold on to His hand.

As long as I've had faith, I've had hope. But there are times when "neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging" that I felt as if my hope was lost. Finally when I came to Al-Anon, my spirit settled down and I began to regain some order and sanity in my thinking and my life that allowed me to again believe I have every reason to hope for myself and my addict.

As I go into this week of thanks, I will be sure to take time to reflect on just what God has done for me in the past year.

He restored me to sanity and continues to give me Hope.