To Accept This Thing I Cannot Change

Something happened a week ago that I've been trying to process and deal with and it's killing me inside. Due to the very personal nature of this thing it's best I not write about it here except to ask for prayer from those of you who will.

We need a healing here and I sure as heck don't get it, but I have no control over the situation and that's what is hurting me so much. We talked, hashed, discussed, explained and are still standing on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Trusting God for the outcome and the ability to accept this thing I cannot change is all I can do but it hurts, I'm deeply sad and I don't like it.

Till the next time....


TraceyBaby said...

I can relate. I have been disagreeing with a friend for months to the point that I'm just about ready to end the friendship.

And how much harder must it be for you, this being your son.

So sorry. I hate pain and I'm in too much of it lately.

AlkySeltzer said...

Nobody likes pain unless they are pretty damn sick, I think that's a fairly valid statement.

Oh, how difficult to detach, esp. when
it's family...heck esp/ if it's ANY one.

God seems to be the only one qualified to handle this stuff. So I guess all we can do is to "Let Him".

Lou said...

You have much on your mind now, this just adds to your load.

But like you say, you may have to just accept, since you cannot change or control.

Fractalmom said...

prayers coming.

indistinct said...


Sometimes I have to live in just today and stop worrying about all the future possibilities before I can gain a measure of peace.

Tomorrow can be a very scary place, especially in my head.


Prayer, acceptance, reaching out to others - these are the only things that help me in these kinds of situations.

I am powerless whether I like it or not.

I'll add my prayers.

Syd said...

Sometimes I become disappointed for feeling hurt about something. I realize that the hurt stems from some expectations that I had. I try not to expect too much but sometimes it just happens.