by Micky Meyer Mathewson

Yesterday is gone now,
Tomorrow is yet to be,
I must live my life,
In this day's reality.

I'll not spend my time
Thinking of the past,
Or planning for the future,
This day, I'm free, at Last!

I'll forgive myself,
For errors I have done,
I'll keep my planning flexible,
For each new day to come!

This day I'm not the same,
A new and different me,
Gives thanks for joy and promise,
For blessings yet to be!

New vision floods my mind,
Fresh opportunities,
New chances for fulfillment,
Great possibilities!

I'll make each moment count,
I'll try to do and say,
The things that give life meaning
I may only have THIS DAY!

Sort of perfect for recovery and staying in the day, don't you think?


J-Online said...

Great reminder of staying in the day and making each moment count. I love the new blog look!

Lou said...

Oh hell, today sucks. But thanks for trying Laurabelle.

Your grouchy recovery buddy:)

Syd said...

Thanks for sharing. It is a good reminder to look for some things to enjoy about each day.

AlkySeltzer said...

"Sort of perfect for recovery and staying in the day, don't you think?"

No, (Laurabelle?) I would delete the words "Sort of". You picked out a perfect rhyme for "Recovery and Staying....", even though there is no mention of sobriety--but that is an 'assumption' (bad word, Steve) for those in this Blog family.

TraceyBaby said...

Excellent... ;o)