I decided a long, long time ago to stay away from statistics. I want to know facts but not numbers. Statistics, polls and other such information causes me to become disheartened and disenchanted with the world around me and the future that may lay ahead. This will only cause me to wring my hands and worry.

I quit expending energy spent on the why and how of the chaos of my life and my loved ones. That has only tied me into a bondage of worthlessness that I'm fighting so hard to get over. How can I look at my part in that statistic and not feel guilt?

Sadness and grieving are enough reality pulse points for me. They need to come and they do, but they are not setting up camp in my life anymore. Not one more minute will I give to wasted moments and days in life.
No more "vacancy" signs are hanging in my thought life for stinkin' thinkin'. I choose to look up always and look ahead to brighter days, more fruitful choices and greater blessings I know await me.

"So let's keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything God has for us."

Philippians 3:15 The Message


AlkySeltzer said...

Words like "Chaos, Bondage, Guilt, Stinking Thinking, Choices, Blessings, Focused, Goal, and God...all those are dear to me, because I've heard--and now understand--them so often before, during, and after meetings.

And those words have special meaning for us in recovery, they are some of the sign posts along the way, as we walk and work through the steps to a happier and more productive life.

Lou said...

I thank you, and I do feel this way 98% (OK, 95%) of the time.Just knowing that now & in the future God walks with us changes the our favor.

J-Online said...

I love your attitude towards this! I too hate statistics.

TraceyBaby said...

Laura, I can sooooo relate to everything you said here.

indistinct said...

Is hard work, our thinking to change! But it's possible.

Walking in the sun shine is so much better than the sea of self pity I have swam in.

I like that verse about being focused on the goal.

Syd said...

Statistics take into account the "normal" curve. There are always those outliers that defy the norm. I'm glad that I know several people who did just that. They are still sober after many years. Thankfully.