Music, Music, Music

Like so many of you, I'm a lover of music. My favorite choices run the gamut from the 1940's crooners along with Big Band to the current artist Lou Bega, performing Mambo #5. I cannot stay still when I hear that zesty little number! Having spent my formative years in ballet class, I've also come to have a great love and interest in classical music when my soul longs for soothing moments, while jazz and classic rock play a part in my nearly daily choices too. Most of my Cd's are compilations of these favorites I've put together myself.

What I most love about music is that when my quiet time or my aching heart have no words because of the pressing issues of life, I find that music can bridge the gap or speak my heart for me.

There are times in my life, and only God could do this, when my world was crashing down yet despite all the outward circumstances, I was waking up with praise music in my heart. I knew that wasn't coming from me, but from prayers that were lifted up on my behalf for my current dilemma.

Psalm 28:7 says:

The Lord is my strength and shield.
my heart trusts in Him and I am helped.
My heart leaps for joy
And I will give thanks to Him in song.

I have an older CD that I listen to during different periods of my life and when I "rediscover" it, I chide myself for not listening to it more often. Recently when I pulled out this CD, it had a different effect on me than ever before now that I'm in recovery meetings. The title is Along The Road and the performers are Ashton, Becker and Dente. The album title and song of the same name on the CD are by Dan Folgelberg. However, there are a few selections on this album that really soothe my soul and lead me into trust, faith and calm when needed. To me, it's an awesome and clear reminder of the daily choices that come my way.

If you click on today's post title, you will be taken to a list of the cuts from this CD (#10 on the playlist) and you can listen along if you'd like.

What Am I

Used to be my life was a page of white
Then You wrote Your name on my heart
And I began to see the image clear with every line
As You became the author of my soul, so the story goes
Now every day I stand before two roads
And every day I'm faced with a choice
To follow other signs or read the writing on my heart
But one is always fiction, one is true, so You're the road I choose,
'Cause what am I without You, what am I
And looking at the pages in the story of my life
The core of my existence flows from You, from any point of view
So what am I without You, what am I and what's the use
What am I without You, what am I

Wayne Kirkpatrick & Billy Sprague
© 1994 Emily Boothe, Inc. / Magic Beans Music (BMI) / Skin Horse, Inc. / BENCAP (ASCAP)

God's peace to you!