I love easy going holiday weekends. Today, I will pick up my granddaugter Kenzie and spend the better part of it with her and my niece Isabelle who is 6 years old. It will be filled with popsicles, leisurely walks, sidewalk chalk and many renditions of "Go Dog Go" and my favorite "Are You My Mother?". Kenzie, who is all of 20 months old, is just getting to the point of being able to sit and look at some of the pages while I actually do a little reading. She's learning to mimic a few words here and there and hearing her little voice brings me more joy than I could have imagined.

Tomorrow, my friend Lou and I are going to be on a live radio show called Doorway To Recovery on AM 1400 WDTK, which can be heard online. This show is for anyone in recovery from addiction, alcohol or any other shackled lifestyle and those affected by these choices and lifestyles. Lou and I both have sons in different prisons due to their life choices with addictions. We met at a recovery group not that long ago and had an immediate kinship which has quickly become a huge blessing in my life.

It's going to be a wonderful weekend!