Protective Custody

Life is funny. Not always funny ha-ha, but funny peculiar, funny absurd or funny nuts.

Cliff called me this pleasant day and we were chit-chatting about nothing much really. The type of conversations I pray to have when he's living life outside those prison walls. We yakked about the Olympics, a funny Seinfeld episode he watched the other day (we're both Seinfeld freaks) and life in general when suddenly Cliff said "One of the guys I've played cards with a few times, asked to be put into protective custody."

I asked what he meant. Well, it seems that Card Shark was getting heroin from others in the Big House and didn't have the money to repay his debts. They were accumulating quickly as drug debts do. Somewhat flabbergasted at the scenario, I questioned him again for clarity and understanding of this situation. When the debts became to much (about $500) and Card Shark was being threatened he was able to ask for protective custody from the dealers INSIDE THE PRISON WALLS and be placed in a "safe place." Hmmm....I said that's what I thought was keeping Cliff safe from his dealers trying to deal, and he said yes in a way, but not really. Cliff said, and I know this, that prison is "ghetto living behind big walls". Card Shark is now safe in "the hole" while they look for another place to ride him out to.

Rhetorically I asked why Card Shark would not take advantage of this place to be free from that lifestyle. Cliff went into a wonderful and clear explanation of the fact that Card Shark has not changed his style of living or thinking at all. He said it was all about choices Card Shark was making and that Card Shark was "choosing" to remain in the ghetto of addiction whether he's living inside prison or out on the streets. Cliff said it's all about choosing a better way and no one could choose that for Card Shark. Truer words were never spoken, especially out of the mouth of one of my babes.

Can I get a "Hallelujah"?