Perfectly Intoxicating!

Perfectly intoxicating!! The Lilacs are beautifying the environment with their lovely display of delicate blooms and a fragrance that floats through the air.  I've been gawking everywhere I drive when I spot lilacs in my peripheral or noticing them ahead in the distance.  If I play it right I can lower my window just enough and the scent comes to me and I inhale this heavenly scent like a satisfied addict.  One of life's free gifts to be enjoyed. Don't miss it!!

Yesterday afternoon I had an unplanned visit with my young grands and these are moments of God's blessings that delight my soul like no other. Mini-chick is 6 now and coming to the end of her first year in school.  Kindergarten has been a good experience for this one, who educates me each time I see her. Clearly she takes learning pretty seriously and shares the details of her lessons with enthusiastic delight and thorough details.  4 year old Beautiful Bambina is changing by the minute.  She is funny, smart and loves to recall in great detail the day I called her "Laney" (my dog's name) by mistake. She wants me to re-enact this exchange every time we meet and I oblige.  Mini-chick wisely said "it's probably because both of their names start with L."  Smart, smart, smart.  We took several walks and, lo and behold, one walk landed us at the ice cream parlor. That little trip was followed by a rainbow of chalk on the porch, sidewalk, steps and any other open cement canvas.  It was truly the most peacefully sweet 2 hours of my week. 

Today at church the preacher was beginning his lesson when he said, "when I grew up I knew for sure that no matter what, without a doubt, my grandma loved me.  She loved me unconditionally. and no matter what I'd done or what I was going through in life, she loved me."  He went on to say how much of  a secure feeling that was and in his life, how much her words had value to him and that  grandma was one of his hero's. 

Sometimes we wonder if what we do makes a difference to anyone.  And then, by God's perfect plan, He reminds me through the words of another that what I do is making a difference and will have a lifelong impact, hopefully all for good.  Just like I do anything I can to embrace every minute of the short season of the lovely lilacs, I will do whatever I can to be sure that my grands will always know that they have been loved unconditionally.  The season is fleeting so I intend to take advantage of each opportunity that presents itself.   The results so far have been perfectly intoxicating. 

I'm a thankful woman tonight and plan to sleep in sweet peace.