Fighting Naked

Well now, that brought you to my page, didn't it?

A few Sunday's ago, our teaching pastor stated that you wouldn't want to fight naked, referring to putting on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6) to do battle in your day to day living. After all, this is a war we're in, you know. I loved that Pastor Brooks wrapped up this passage into one little phrase, fighting naked.  It evokes all kinds of visual pictures of waging war against the enemy of my heart, mind and soul.

You can say "I do" on  your wedding day, but if you don't say "I do" every day you won't stay committed to the one made just for you. If you "do" the Twelve Steps only once in your recovery you will find that your thinking hasn't really been changed nor has the toxic behavior been truly omitted.

You can give your heart to Jesus once and that's all you really need to do, but a relationship with Him has to be sought after and cultivated like any thing else worth fighting for. Otherwise, how else will you really know Him and His true love for you?

I began to think about this recovery business and realized that the phrase "stop fighting naked" can apply to so many areas of life. Long term recovery comes from those who know to put on their armor daily by using tools in their tool box. Staying connected through meetings, friends in recovery and reading the pages of available literature and writings by your sister or brother in the wide world of recovery can make all the difference in your life.

You're in a fight for your life and it's a fight worth having. Put on your armor and check your weapons for protection and for heaven's sake, stop fighting naked! 

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