Bumper Cars

There I was, just minding my own business. Actually, minding mine and mindful of those on each side of me too.

It was another snowy, icy morning and our poor state doesn't salt like it used to. Getting close to the traffic circle it was clear that all three lanes were a sheet of ice. Coming to a complete stop due to the road conditions (which defeats the purpose of the traffic circles) the three lanes on our "wing" waited our turn for a clearing. Finally, we entered the "round-a-bout" or whatever you like to call them and it was a continuous sheet of ice too. We were all traveling cautiously which I'm sure was my saving grace. I was in the center lane and noticed in my left rear view that the car on my left was sliding my way. No!! No!! I shouted! But all my pleading didn't stop the other car from drifting my way. We were like bumper cars in this circle!

Then came the crunch ~ oh, the sound of another car hitting yours is indescribable. I had nowhere to go to pull over so when I finally got out of the circle and pulled aside, I saw in the mirror that this person just continued in the circle and went off in another direction! No on stopped. No one offered any information. The roads required total attention so I don't know if anyone even noticed. I sputtered and steamed a bit and then realized it could have been worse. The rear door still works, slides open and closes. The concave dent might be able to be bumped or pulled out.

I've had the van for just 3 weeks now and that's the part that was so hard to digest. But in the grand scheme of things, vehicles are just things and if this is the worst part of my day then I have so much to be grateful for.

The weekend is upon us. Be safe!