Sunday Snow

We had a glorious snowfall yesterday. This must be about the 12th significant snow this season! This morning began quietly with coffee and Cliff as we chit-chatted about life in general while I began some spaghetti sauce for dinner. Eventually we ventured to church and then parted ways for varying commitments. Cliff met with his sponsor and I met with mini-chick!

She's a completely independent 2 year old now with every bit of fun you can imagine! Mimicking others, making up some words of her own and definitely has an agenda to go with it. She and I bundled up and spent quite a bit of time outdoors in the beautiful winter sun. She's quick to say "nope" and LOVES getting her picture taken. I didn't plan on having trees grow out of the top of her head, but was so caught up with her I never noticed!

After a wonderful time together, I came home and finished preparing our dinner, dined alone in coveted quiet time and will spend the evening doing a bit of this and that.

It's the perfect Sabbath rest to prepare me for a new work week!