Sought Through Prayer and Meditation....

Prayer and meditation is a minute by minute thing for me. Yes, there are times I sit down and exclude all other sounds, sights, and noise for a more intimate reading and setting. But there are days where my every thought and word is to God and God alone. While I'm driving in the car, He hears my prayer and thoughts toward Him. Sometimes they're full of thankfulness and praise. Sometimes they're loaded with anguish and asking for His peace to help me remain steadfastly in His love.

Steadfast in my faith is something I am always working on. When life is overwhelming for me, I often turn to sugar in a most unhealthy consumption. In the past it would be staying in a relationship that was so unhealthy for me but it seemed better than nothing. All I know is I've been in a chaotic lifestyle with many detrimental responses for the majority of my adult life. Only when I seek God through prayer and meditation and improving my conscious contact with God will I learn His will for my life and be able to grasp the power He gives to carry it out.

Steadfast. Firm. Resolute. Unfaltering. Unshakable. Unwavering. Unswerving.

May it be with me and with you.