This week I was knocked down with something icky. It felt like it was coming on for a week prior and then by Tuesday night I was really icky. Stuffy head, watery eyes, sneezing...blah, blah, blah. Wednesday wasn't much better and then Thursday was the worst. Dragging myself to work day after day didn't help but because we don't have a lenient sick day policy I continued to show up and infect everyone else. (Sick day policy = 5 days. 1 day = 4 hours. Go figure!) I think I used up my sick days by January 5th. :)

Anyway, Thursday I left work early because I was absolutely miserable. On the way home, I stopped at a Chinese joint near my house and picked up some spicy garlic dish and soup. When I got home I sucked the soup down fast and decided I wasn't too hungry. I couldn't taste a thing anyway so I sat in my favorite chair, pulled my chenille afghan up to my neck and was down for the count. All afternoon and into the evening I drifted in and out of sleep. Eventually, I woke up rather hungry and had some dinner and was into my 4th or 5th round of snooze when the phone rang.

My eyes lit up as I read that it was Lovely Espousa calling me! I answered the phone and we went into a terrific 45 minute chit chat that was pure gold to me. Nothing about the past, strictly in the day. In the midst, granddaughter wanted to talk on the phone. She's not quite two but kept saying "hi, hi" in the background so her mother handed her the phone.

Let me tell you, this mini-chick and I yakked like there was no tomorrow! Not one word was clear but it didn't matter. For 8 minutes this little thing spoke her language, and when I asked questions, she replied with words that sounded like she was from Babylon. It didn't matter one iota. We laughed together and finally she was done. Lovely Espousa said she and hubby were just watching her because mini-chick has never done this before. L.E. said "she was laying back on the couch and crossed her legs like she was talking to an old girlfriend."

She was.

I went to bed with a heart full of gratitude; the next day I felt so much better and my spirit was much lighter. I saw Lou at our evening meeting and she commented immediately at how much more "up" I looked. Then yesterday, toward the end of a long quiet day spent in my PJ's, Son #One called to see how I was!!

What's going on here??

Have I learned a huge lesson in leaving things in the hand of God when I have no control over them?? Maybe I was blocking the way when He tried to communicate with them....was I manipulating and didn't recognize it for what it was? I honestly don't know but I'm more aware of my actions going forward.

This inventory thing.....stinks. But I'm grateful for the results!!