The Maturing Process

Does the maturing process change an addicted or alcoholic person? I'm not sure about that but something is different with Cliff.

Our conversations are not all about him, if you know what I mean. Cliff's not asking for money, he's not whining about his situation or justifying his choices. No, our conversations instead are about life, about his future and relationships. He listens to me as well as makes sound statements about himself. I know he's clean right now (and some may think that's because he's incarcerated but he could use in there too and isn't) and that certainly puts a different light on life but I believe Cliff is a changed man. He's calmer, he's listening and many times before while locked up there was a great deal of anger, but this time, I don't hear anger. That's a milestone to be sure!

Tuesday is Cliff's 28th birthday. I think he's really getting tired of this life. He's remorseful for all the past and lost years, but knows that he still has a shot at changing his life and starting fresh again. I know God's hand has been on Cliff's life repeatedly when I go over the situations and results of his choices. God knows there's also so much more I don't know that I've been shielded from! Come to think of it, God's hand has been on my life too. Thank you, Lord.

Anyway, something is different with Cliff and it's a positive difference. Today I'm in a content and peaceful state of mind and I'm going to eat blueberry pancakes and drink coffee and be thankful.

Keep growing's a good, good thing.