Mail Call

A jail ministry just underway at my church is about letter writing to prisoners. My friend Lou is great at this while I am barely getting started. With that new commitment there's a little bit of nagging guilt, because I'm not so great at writing to Cliff. We do talk once a week, sometimes twice, by phone. Nonetheless, I know that mail is so important to the incarcerated because it's something tangible in their hands from one who cares. It gives them something else to think about other than what's going on inside their concrete, lock down domicile. I've promised in my heart to do a better job at writing to Cliff as I tend to take on a few others.

In the times we live, it's rare to get "happy" mail. Many people have opted to use email for everything. E-cards are big too, especially for those who have become friends without ever having met. Yesterday, at the end of a busy week I was more than grateful to get home and turn off the car. Ambling out to the mailbox I expected to find the usual junk waiting for me. Lots of unwanted ads, solicitations or my favorite, "please remit your payment to". Everyone wants a piece of me!

Pulling the door open on the mailbox, I peered in as if something might jump out at me. Instead it looked about empty except for a few thin envelopes laying in wait.

My eyes blinked a few times because both envelopes were handwritten with my name on them. Not "To the occupant"; not "To The Homeowner", but my name in bold print. Already a feeling of hope and excitement grabbed my attention!

First, was an envelope anonymously sent to me with some gas cards and spending cards at the local Meijers! What a blessing and what a surprise. How timely could this be? Only God knows that today I'm going to a class at church to help me, at the ripe old age of 53 1/2, learn how to manage my hard earned money. Coming out of years of the insanity circle, I have so much to learn about budgeting and actually completing all the promises to pay (and meant to do) debts. I'm sure by now on some creditors lists I am listed as a scammer or a liar (ouch). I have always intended to take care of business but the hand of chaos was a step ahead of everyone else. But as a daughter of the King, I need to take care of business in every area of my life. So now, with an actual exuberance, I am preparing to go to my class this morning. I see a little light ahead of me taking me to the clearing that is meant for me. Ahhhhh, what a relief it is!

Second, was an envelope with familiar writing. It's from Cliff. A card that says "I love you, Mom" and a scribbled note of thanks for always supporting and believing in him. A card that holds rank with all the other beautiful Hallmark cards that have passed my way. In fact, it may mean more because it's not attached to a hand asking for a hand-out or a favor. It's not attached to meaningless words or lies to get something more. It's a simple and graceful "thank you." Letter writing to inmates can lift their spirits. A letter back to a waiting loved one is more than gold.

I'm a happy Pollyanna today!